Cancellation policy

Our Cancellation Policy has been put in place keeping in mind the best interest of the rider and the partner driver. Cancellations can be frustrating. Hence the cancellation policy ensures that the rider and the partner drivers are fairly compensated for the time and energy they have put in for an upcoming trip. • No cancellation charges will be levied if the trip is cancelled with more than 2 hours remaining for the trip to begin • The cancellation fee would be automatically added to the bill amount for your next OOT Cars ride • In case the customer cancels the trip within 2 hours of time before the trip is scheduled to begin, he will be charged ₱ 200 or 5% of the final bid value for the trip that has been agreed upon, whichever is lesser Cancel Ride (Customer): Dear XXXX, your trip has been cancelled. Please pay the total fare to our partner driver. For any grievances/complaints, mail us on [email protected]